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10 June 2006 @ 11:51 pm
June 22 is my birthday. I'm going to celebrate on Saturday June 24, Helen will be celebrating June 23 I think but she can give details.

ANYWAYS, I've decided for my birthday I felt like doing something different. So I was thinking we could do a picnic around 5:30 for suppertime and stuff and then when we didn't want to be outside anymore we could head to my place for board games, video games and if you want booze.

I still have to figure out where to picnic but it'll probably be by the Speed Stream (near my place). What I'll do is the night before I'll chalk the street with arrows from my house (msn me or 'manda for the address if you don't know it).

So, come on out, bring picnicy stuff, do a little dance and let me know if you might come.

P.S. If I know someone they are invited. I'm not aware of any feuds that I may be a part of so come one, come all to my birthday!